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Terms of Purchase obeys the following steps for order placing:

•Buyer’s personal information is taken to initiate the purchase
•Their financial details are all passed to and checked by our merchant provider (We DO NOT accept any Debit or Credit cards nor do our site account for financial transactions)
•The item could be readymade or placed for new making
• On-time delivery is assured from all possible sections of the

We reserve the right not to take orders at times of site maintenance, problems in site administration, low stock or shortage of collection, and at times when a transaction is troubled or suspected, etc. It is our duty to process our purchases fast and with full convenience of buyers.

Pricing mentions its prices in three main currencies, USD, Pound, and Euro. This is entirely for the convenience of international buyers. Customers who wish to pay in their local currency apart from the three mentioned, could pay using their local card provider service. This would charge an extra exchange fee as per the Forex Rates.  

The prices offered are subject to change. They are to be changed without any prior notice as the site reserves the right to bring discounts or end promotional deals at any instance.

Import duties and taxes

Prices at Hub Wears exclude all import duties and taxes, which come under the buyer’s choice and responsibility. To get more information, please check the Information on Shipment section. and other Websites

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Terms on Viewership and Visitor Feedback

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With such information, we come to know the following features:

• The viewer is above 7 years
• The viewer post is appropriate and fulfills the moral obligation
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